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Australian government announces SKA Funding

10 May 2011 – The Australian Government has announced the provision of $40.2 million over four years to support the Australian-New Zealand bid to host the Square Kilometre Array.

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2 Responses to “Australian government announces SKA Funding”

  1. Steve Kelly

    I am a very experienced upper high school physics teacher. What employment opportunities exist in the SKA project if it is won by WA? I would be happy sweeping floors just to be near when the discoveries are made. Not much of a CV but heartfelt I’m sure you’ll agree

  2. Rob Knowles

    The SKA could prove to be one of the most important scientific projects ever undertaken. As a journalist (but with a strongly scientific/technical background) I am following this phase of the project carefully, and I’m a little disappointed in the lack of support the South African mainstream media has shown.

    I have seen a few TV interviews, and a couple of press releases have crossed my desk but, in general, no one seems to be aware of how important this project is. It would be nice to stand back and view the project as one of a global nature and that, as long as the project is a success, I doesn’t matter where the telescope is located.

    But, this is not true. This project, if managed in the correct way, could spell a new era of scientific advancement in South Africa and its neighbouring countries. The impact to the local economy, of technological enhancements (new communication channels and computer technology), education and training, as well as a boost to the tourism industry (implying new housing, guest houses and hotels will have to be built) along with the construction of the actual aerials, will all impact positively on the depressed Northern Cape and, ultimately, the African continent.

    Although the location of this project should not be governed by sentimentality, the social and economic factors, along with the stability of this region will obviously play a part in the decision making process. However, if the SKA is given to Australasia then Africa will only benefit from the results, whatever they may be, and not the project in general. Provided the country has the capability or, at least, the potential to host the SKA, then it would seem that South Africa is the logical choice.

    Or are the politicians or those with money going to push us in another direction?


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